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Small Tibet Group Tour

Embark on a cultural odyssey to the rooftop of the world. Experience the resilience of the Tibetan people and feel the power of compassion. Discover Tibet with us and explore the significant historical and cultural sites of the Roof of the World. Visit places that are beautiful and sacred; experience the living and breathing culture of Tibet; and build friendships with warm and genuine Tibetans who you will remember for many years to come. These trips offer journeys reveal historical and cultural places. It includes short hikes to stunning nomadic hillsides, and connects the traveler with the hearts and minds of rural Tibetans (away from the popular tourist paths).

Featured Trips

Everest Adventure Tour

Nov-April $1000,May-Oct $1200
9 Days

Classic Tibet Tour

Nov-April $600,May-Oct $650
7 Days

Holy Lhasa Tour

Nov-April $450, May -Oct $550
4 Days

Everest Base Camp

Nov-April $850,May-Oct $1050
8 Days

Ganden-Samye Trekking Expedition

Nov-April $860,May-Oct $1050
10 Days
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