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Priviate Tibet Tour

Awaken your own spirituality and open your heart through a deep connection with the people and culture of the Rooftop of the World. Spiritual Journeys offers an experience full of inner awakenings. It traces the footsteps of Tibetan pilgrims, who often spend six months to a year on the road as they journey to Tibet’s most sacred places. These include Central Tibet’s Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, and Sera monastery in Lhasa; Samye and Yumbu Lhakhang Yarlung Valley where Tibetan civilization began; Palkhor Choide Chorten, in Gyantse, the region’s most sacred and impressive architectural achievement; Tashilhunpo monastery in Shigatse, which is Tibet’s second largest town; and Namtso Lake, the world’s highest salt lake and Tibet’s most sacred and beautiful place. You’ll visit magnificent monasteries, ancient chortens, sacred mountains, caves and temples, lively bazaars and historic trading towns. Throughout the trip, you will meet monks, Lamas, Yogis, nomads and scholars and learn about Buddhist culture. You’ll participate in meditation, observe rituals, mingle with pilgrims, and deeply connect with local people and traditions, expanding your own inner horizons.

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