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The Rooftop of the World

Tibet is a huge and traditionally homeland for Tibetan people. It’s the highest place on earth with an elevation of average 4,900m(29,029ft) above the sea level. World’s highest Mt. Everest’s north face (8,848m) is in Tibet, this mighty and magnificent mountain fascinate people around the globe to pay a visit once in their life time. Why Tibet is so carving for the westerners is due to utter distinctness of the Tibetan unique culture and profound rooted spiritual background. From the highest mountain in the world to the ancient antiques and endangered monasteries, Shrines, Temples, Chapels, caves and so on. People from the globe love the adventure that excites their inner travelers and Tibet is a place on the earth embedded gems of treasure remained unexplored. Tibet offers you a unique landscapes and a very peculiar spiritual platform that induce adventures. Tibet is a forbidden land with untold mystery myths and is a different place that left undiscovered. Embark your journey from the most stunning Potala Palace in the central and enjoy your short excursion from Everest to Kailash our trekking adventures take you to some of the wildest and unexplored regions of the world and face to face with the highest and most sacred peaks on earth. These journeys present opportunities for challenge, cultural awareness, and personal transformation as well as inspiring awe and reverence for the spiritual sanctuaries that these places represent. Detour from the central to the more remote outlying regions of Kham and Amdo for an authentic and typical nomadic life style experience.