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Welcome! TASHI DELEK! Greetings from the Land of Snow/ plateau, the Roof of the World:magical, mystical Tibet. Potala Travel was founded in the 2001 by Tamdin Wangdu. Since then we have been implementing tours in Tibet. Journey with us to the heart of Tibet and experience the spiritual and cultural wonders of our homeland in the shadow of the most sacred and majestic mountains on earth. Whether enticed by the ancient mysteries of Lhasa, Kham or Shangri-la or drawn to the adventure of a more spiritual journey, amazing cultural discoveries or an exhilarating trekking experience, our trips will meet,(or Trip with us will meet all your expectations) if not surpass, your expectations. All of our featured trips are fully customizable. So leave the logistics to us and prepare yourselves for a remarkable journey of epic proportion. Potala Travel guarantees extraordinary Tibetan travel experiences with our knowledgeable Tibetan staff, competitive rates and responsible tourism practices. Learn more about us here.

Featured Trips

Popular Tibet Tours

Based on our experience in the tourism industry on the plateau for more than a decade, we presenting you 4 most popular tours in Tibet. After analyses the interest of tourist with remarkable insight we wind up with these four trips and highly recommending you to explore....

Small Group Tour

Some people may not be willing to spend much money but wish to see the best so a group tour is pre-arranged. Traveling in a group mean a bunch of various people with similar interest so you will automatically be widening your friend circle around the world............

Private Tibet Tour

There are people who prefer to be in their own space and who wants to go at their own pace and wants to discover more of what they want to see. With a private tour you can explore each and everything you want to explore thoroughly. None of your time would be wasted.....

Trekking Adventures

Trekking Adventures: If you are looking to explore Tibet’s wild frontiers, majestic mountain ranges and sacred sites by foot, and experience in-depth connections with Tibetans that are off the beaten path consider one of our exciting trekking adventures. Learn more here